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Display-worthy and effective products to support your mental health and help you find focus.

Feel as confident about your mental health care as you do your skincare with our collection of beautiful and effective products designed to support your mental health.

Limited Drop 1.0

Meet our debut drop. We partner with like-minded artists on hand-painted limited editions of our AndAgain 7-Day Pill Case. They’re a hot commodity. Blink and you’ll miss it.

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Opening the door to mental health conversations normally had in private

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Journaling for your Mental Health
— Expert Advice

Taking care of your mental health can be expensive, but journaling is one of the few accessible practices.

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Artist Kellie Gillespie sitting in her studio with her piece Over/Medicated/Under sitting on the table next to her
— Depression

Artist Kellie Gillespie believes medication isn't something that automatically comes in and saves you, and that art saved her life.

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Tess Taylor
— Focus

Founder of Saucy, Tess Taylor, believes weed is a helpful tool to get you into your flow state.

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Our story is personal...

Twenty-five years ago, our co-founder, Jayme began treatment for anxiety and depression, an experience she deemed soul-crushing throughout her childhood. But as she got older, she refused to let shame dictate her trajectory.

We believe your mental health journey should feel empowering, not embarrassing, and we are on a mission to make that change.

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